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CabAire LLC, a subsidiary of Control Module Industries, designs, manufactures, and installs TSE (truck stop electrification), idle reduction, and clean technology systems. Working in concert with Control Module Industries, CabAire has leveraged more than 40 years of engineering experience to develop the newest generation of stationary anti-idling, idle reduction, and emission monitoring systems.

Idling Challenge

Truck operators are limited in the number of hours they can drive and are required to rest for proscribed periods when traveling long distances. The economics of the transportation industry and the lack of sufficient facilities force drivers to sleep in their cabs. While laws require truckers to shut off their engine while at rest, truckers continue to idle their engines while parked to power their heaters and air conditioners. Anti-idling and idle reduction systems reduce air and noise pollution by allowing truck drivers to obtain heat, air conditioning, and electricity in their vehicle’s cabin without the need to idle their engine.

Healthier Air

CabAire systems improve air quality by allowing truck drivers to obtain amenities in their truck cabin from a securely fitted window unit. By attaching the window unit to their truck cabin window, truck drivers can obtain UV filtered air, heating, air conditioning, power, internet, cable, and intercom communications. While truck drivers will be able to breathe in comfort while resting on the road, local communities will also be able to breathe better too. Toxic diesel emissions account for numerous premature deaths, heart attacks, asthma attacks, and respiratory conditions. It is because of these dire health consequences that many local, state, and federal stakeholders are aggressively pursuing emission reduction strategies from CabAire.