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CMI Fleet Management


CMI Fleet Management


Fleet Management systems and products are designed to manage fleets of any size from small businesses to major enterprise fleets. We provide hardware and software necessary to manage fleets including control of dispensers and tracking of fuel dispensed. Our system helps manage fuel by specific employee to specific vehicles with controlled authorizations and documented records and reports of events.

We also provide secure automated (Unattended) gate control systems that eliminate the need for security guards at the gate. Our system authorizes passage and records the driver and vehicle including photos of driver and license plates. These systems secure passage and track vehicle movements and drivers. There are many user defined functions and extensive reports and exports in this solution.

Time Management
CMI Time Management


CMI Time Management


CMI Time Management provides workforce management solutions to customers around the world. These products are used for employee Time & Attendance and shop floor data management. Our products are known for their reliability, usability and ease of integration. We offer several feature levels of our products and systems. Over 160 Fortune 500 companies have chosen us as their workforce data collection provider. With a CMI Time Management solution, workforce management becomes workforce optimization.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)


Intelligent electric vehicle charging stations and electric vehicle supply equipment for flexible and secure access that can be custom-tailored to your needs. Our products include retractable cable management systems and integrated payment stations. EVSE LLC's charging station platform can utilize existing ID cards, existing parking tickets issued by parking gates. RFID, Proximity and UHF Identification Access. Credit Card Available Parking Payment Ticket, Activation & Usage Tracking. Smartphone Apps and Smart Payment Applications. Comply with ADA and OSHA


Vehicle Processing Systems
Fleet & Fuel Management Systems
Automated Gate Systems


Reliable and Configurable Workforce Management Systems and Products


Controlled Module Inc. (CMI) is committed to providing innovative solutions through innovative systems that aid in collecting data that reduce operating processes and costs while they conserve energy and help sustain the environment. CMI manufactures a wide range of systems solutions, that range from; electric vehicle charging stations, fleet management systems and workforce management systems.

Control Module Inc... is a global provider of Data Collection, Charging Stations & Fleet Management Systems: Our products are used around the world by over 160 Fortune 500 companies. CMI manufactures the industry's most accurate, reliable data collection and man-machine interface terminal systems with a full line of data collection products for Workforce Management, Inventory Control, Fuel Control & Tracking, Automated Gate Controllers and Electric Vehicle Chargers. We help organizations improve efficiency, streamline operations and reduce operating costs.

Founded in 1969 by Chairman James S. Bianco, Control Module Inc. (CMI) has over 45 years experience with a proven track record of helping businesses improve operations - designing and manufacturing products that combine smart engineering and technological advancements. This includes nearly 25 years working with Automotive Fleets. CMI and Mr. Bianco hold more than 100 patents, having developed technologies and products that are unrivaled in the industry.